6 Tips for Improving Google Smart Bidding Results

By Kathryn Kranen on December 7, 2022

AI-Driven Bidding is Here to Stay

As most digital marketers know, Google Ads operates in a real-time auction environment. Each time a potential customer searches on Google, your ads compete in an auction against other advertisers’ ads to determine which ads are placed in what order (if at all) on the search results pages. The outcome of the auction depends on factors including the quality and relevance of your ad, and the bids you've set.

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Why Prescriptive Analytics is a Game Changer for Digital Marketing

By Kathryn Kranen on November 21, 2022

Digital marketers are drowning in data – more data than they have time to absorb and leverage. Marketers and their analyst counterparts typically use analytics solutions to distill data into “reports” used quarterly, weekly, or via self-serve access. Reports are a mainstay of digital marketing but are merely a rear-view mirror into what has already happened.

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The Secrets To Successful Search Campaigns: What Makes Them Great

By Lucas Valadares on November 15, 2022

Knowing which campaigns are performing the best for an account helps you understand the behavior of your audience and helps you design new strategies and/or campaigns. In winning search campaigns, each of a campaign's ad groups has a tightly-related set of keywords. By studying the keywords in an ad group and the associated ads it is possible to understand the reason it got such great results.

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Prioritize Your PPC Optimization Efforts for Maximum Financial Impact

By Kathryn Kranen on November 7, 2022

Focus your efforts to drive business results

As a digital marketer, you are always looking for ways to optimize your Paid Media campaigns and improve your results. What digital marketer doesn’t want to deliver the highest possible returns for their company or their clients? If you can show that digital marketing efforts are driving tangible business results, you'll be much more likely to get recognition (and budget) for your work.

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Prune Deadwood From Your Paid Search Campaigns to Maximize Performance on a Limited Budget

By Kathryn Kranen on October 31, 2022

Paid search is often one of the first places businesses look when they need to make cuts to their marketing budget. But before you start slashing your paid search budget, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate your low-level campaign assets to understand which assets are not performing and why, how performance can be improved, and which assets should be "pruned" to improve overall performance.

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Quant Marketer … What’s in the name?

By Kelly McKeown on June 16, 2022

Since the launch of Quant Marketer, some inquisitive types have been asking us about the name. So I thought I would share the answer here. We were drawn to the word “Quant” for a number of reasons. Once you read the definitions and how they relate to Condati’s Quant Marketer solution, you will understand why!

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6 Steps to Getting Out of the Weeds of Your Digital Marketing Data

By Condati on January 19, 2022

You never know, you might just find your Holy Grail. New ways of understanding the customer are emerging, and companies should embrace a data-first strategy. The amount of available data grows with every click, tap or touch, through every swipe, search, or share. In industries from ecommerce to media to B2B software, companies first need to wrangle the entire data set before they can try to make sense of it all, in order to report on their conclusions. But just to wrangle the data can take

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Making the Build vs. Analytics-as-a-Service Decision for Marketing Analytics

By Kelly McKeown on June 1, 2021

Without the ability to unify disparate marketing data - stitch it together and organize it in a meaningful way - then visualize it to easily distill insights to drive business decisions - data is just data. While this is a common problem that marketing leaders list as a priority to overcome, many companies are still painfully and frustratingly pulling together data manually for reporting and analysis. In fact, in a 2018 Gartner survey they found marketing analytics teams spend more time

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Love Your Data ... and it Will Love You Back

By Kelly McKeown on February 12, 2021

As a marketer there are a lot of questions we need to be able to answer to make the best campaign and spend decisions. The top ones I’m asking myself these days are:

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Ecommerce is a 2020 Must Have! ... Set Yourself Up for Success

By Kelly McKeown on November 5, 2020

2020 has been crazy. Stores are closed or at limited capacity. Shoppers are staying home… and it looks very likely that this will continue through 2021. If they weren't already, companies are rushing to make their products available on the web with a direct-to-consumer ecommerce website. According to a respected analyst, Benedict Evans article featured in August 2020, The Ecommerce Surge, the pandemic pulled forward ecommerce adoption by 5-10 years in only 3 months! We saw this continue in Q3.

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