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Quant Marketer … What’s in the name?

By Kelly McKeown on June 16, 2022


Since the launch of Quant Marketer, some inquisitive types have been asking us about the name. So I thought I would share the answer here. We were drawn to the word “Quant” for a number of reasons. Once you read the definitions and how they relate to Condati’s Quant Marketer solution, you will understand why!

Quant (noun) - short for quantitative analyst, an expert at analyzing and managing measurable data by means of complex mathematical and statistical modeling

Condati’s Quant Marketer ingests large amounts of digital marketing performance data from ad and web analytics platforms, analyzes every campaign asset across all levels of hierarchy, and produces optimization directives that show users exactly what they need to do to improve financial performance. It automates the actions an expert performance marketer would take to increase revenue or leads - and it does in orders of magnitude faster than any human possibly could.

Current, historical, and baseline target data is used to run statistical analysis, comparisons, and calculations on a massive scale. Those results feed a multimodal rules system with expert rules for each individual ad platform and type of campaign. Results are distilled into Alert, Action, and Indicator Directives that enable users to prioritize and execute optimizations quickly. Your quantitative marketing analyst is built right into the solution!

Quantum (noun) - the smallest, most basic building block

Just looking at campaign level performance data can hide thousands of opportunities for financial micro-optimization that are buried deep within the campaign. The wasted spend associated with underperforming campaign assets could be put to much better use increasing your leads and revenue! Which is why Quant Marketer looks at optimization of ad spend from the bottom up, evaluating hundreds of thousands of low-level assets such as search terms and ad placements and alerting users to where clean-up and optimization is needed.

We often see paid search campaigns that are performing well (lots of conversions, ROAS is good, and CPA is low) that still have numerous underperforming keywords that are eating into budgets with little or no return. Quant Marketer makes it easy to find these pesky low performers and gives users an easy way to address them with bulk uploading changes to the ad platforms. A few simple clicks and your campaigns are much more efficient! Bye-bye, low performing assets that are negatively impacting your returns.

Quantifiable (adjective) - able to be expressed or measured as a quantity

One of the most exciting things about Quant Marketer is that it delivers on every digital marketer’s dream of being able to quantify the business impact of their marketing efforts.

Quart Marketer tells you the efficiency of your ad spend by scoring each individual keyword and aggregating to the campaign level. So you can track wasted spend reduction and strong spend growth related to revenue or lead generation. It also shows progress and pacing against your budget and revenue or leads targets so you can take corrective action early should projections look unfavorable.

Quantum Leap (noun) - a great improvement or important advancement

Quant Marketer is laser focused on greatly improving financial returns for digital advertisers. Ad platforms are good at telling you where to increase your budget, but do a poor job of showing how your money could be better spent. That’s where Quant Marketer comes in. It’s that nerdy companion who’s constantly crunching the numbers, watching over your digital ad “investments,” and growing your profits. New customers can expect to achieve 20%+ higher returns (revenue or leads) in the first weeks of use.

Quant Marketer delivers a dramatic leap in productivity by exhaustively evaluating the effectiveness of campaign assets, determining what actions should be taken (and why), and delivering explicit directives that a user can implement in minutes. Humans can’t make thousands of optimization decisions every day, but Quant Marketer can! It frees up time for digital marketers to focus more on strategy and creative work.

In a nutshell, Quant Marketer turns ad data into profits. It is a digital marketing game-changer! Sign-up for a demo to see it in action.