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The gift of real-time insights for your digital marketing campaigns

By Connie Quach on December 13, 2017

The gift of digital marketing insights

conDati Comes Out of Stealth. Last week we parted the curtains on what we’ve been working on at a company-reveal event in Menlo Park. We thank the friends, partners, and investors who joined us for the first public demo of our flagship product, conDati Analytics, and the unveiling of our new website. And thanks also to our lighthouse customers for their enthusiastic participation: Discount Dance SupplyPepperdine UniversityBrivoCollexionMindtouchSnowflake (also our database partner!), Transtar Industries, and TowelTech.

Too Much Data; Too Many Sources; Not Enough Information

So what is conDati doing? Our mission is to make Marketing even more valuable to the enterprise, in ways that quantify, demonstrate, and continually improve that value. conDati provides marketers — from executives through hands-on practitioners — with marketing analyses, alerts, reports and dashboards that help answer complex questions, simplify decisions, and increase Marketing’s ROI.

"We have more data in more siloes than we can count, but we don’t have any information. We don’t have the ability to combine all this data into insight that will allow us to make better decisions. We’re flying blind...."

This real quotation from a real CMO explains the need for conDati: The number of martech systems in use at most companies exceeds any human ability to obtain a single, consistent perspective on what is working in Marketing and what isn’t. Each system reports its own results, often with different terms or with respect to different goals. For example, core systems of record (like Google Analytics) track all website activity, but don’t integrate data from other systems. They also often limit how much data is stored or analyzed, either by timeframe or by volume.

So Marketers have to resort to simple metrics like “new revenue created for each dollar invested in marketing” — which can be as inaccurate as they are unenlightening. Or, as at one of our early customers, 5 people spend 4 hours every Monday morning screen-scraping reports from a dozen different systems to create the weekly Marketing report – that doesn’t even answer all the questions they have.


Fast Forward to the Present

How do we do this? The accelerating pace of technology means that every few years entirely new capabilities emerge in storage, processing, and display. In the last 5 years, the cost of data storage in the cloud has dropped by 98 percent – so 50 times more data can be stored for the same cost.

conDati’s founders have taken advantage of this technology progression for their entire careers in working with big data to produce informational advantage: At Sagent, we figured out large-scale data integration. At iStante we pioneered real-time dashboards, and at SOASTA we mastered toolsets for advanced data science and machine learning. Now that even mid-market enterprises can now afford to collect and retain massive amounts of data – exactly the type of datastreams created by martech systems tracking every click – proven approaches in machine learning and data science can finally be put to work for Marketing. conDati combines high-performance data management in the cloud with deep data science expertise to fill the marketing analytics gap:

  • conDati collects, stores, and blends every data element from every system you give us access to — without limits on how much data you can store, or for how long you can store it.
  • Your data elements appear in the conDati data warehouse as soon as they're recorded by the source systems: we reduce data latency from hours (or days!) to seconds.
  • Our visualizations help busy people understand complex information. The goal in all our displays is to make the most difficult marketing decisions as clear as possible — and easy to share, with individuals and across the organization.
  • conDati's predictive analytics for marketing give clear, accurate, and current visibility into what's working and what's not — and what can be done to improve it.


“Watch Everything....

conDati gives Marketing the power to see what’s happening, in any activity or campaign, right now. We can link this data to data from finance, sales, and operations for visibility into Marketing’s impact on the business, and vice-versa. Once you have that information, the possibilities are endless:

You can compare past or current campaigns to each other or to targets. You can predict outcomes in revenue, traffic, activity and many other dimensions – and then monitor for divergence from those predictions, either up or down. You can drill into root causes of an outcome that shouldn’t have happened, and learn how to prevent it the next time.

conDati doesn’t replace any existing systems: Rather, we use data science and machine learning to reveal insights that may never have been seen before, in real-time, at your fingertips. We’ve been able to create demonstrable business value just in the short time we’ve been working with our lighthouse customers. Examples from our launch event include:

  • A mid-sized e-tailer can quantify the impact of holiday sales, and fine-tune their promotions so that the events truly increase net-new revenue, instead of just accelerating future revenue at a discount.
  • A diversified enterprise with multiple business units, websites, and marketing departments can compare best practices, revenue results, and ROI across the entire organization.
  • A B2B technology company can set alerts for out-of-bounds results on AdWord buying and email campaigns: “There’s too much going on for humans to watch it all. We need conDati to watch everything, and let us know when something goes wrong.”


Getting Started

Most organizations still don’t have data science teams, and teams that do exist have more demand than capacity. In this fractured data landscape, it's difficult to even gain visibility into Marketing's performance and business contributions, much less identify data-driven improvements to improve ROI. Solving this problem is why we started conDati, and we’re excited by our progress so far. We announced our beta customer program at the launch event: If your company has lots of data but not much information; if you have siloed systems that should deliver more value but don’t; if you’d like to help us push the limits on how data science can transform Marketing – then we’d like to hear from you. Email us at beta@condati.com - and we look forward to working with you!