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conDati Reinvents Digital Marketing Analytics

By Condati on May 31, 2018
May 31, 2018  |  Palo Alto, CA

Big Data as a Service Applies Data Integration, Data Science and Machine Learning to Deliver Understanding to Marketing Decision Makers 

conDati today announced the first commercial release of conDati Marketing Analytics, a cloud-based service that applies data integration, data science and machine learning to help marketers understand and improve the performance of digital campaigns. conDati Marketing Analytics blends siloed data from multiple martech systems to deliver a single, unified data asset.

That data asset is processed, analyzed, modeled and projected to produce complete, accurate visibility into digital campaign performance. conDati is the first truly modern marketing analytics platform, providing real-time understanding of campaign performance to marketing leaders and practitioners and replacing spreadsheet-based tracking metrics for marketing departments of all sizes.
The company targets the largest areas of digital marketing spend and activity, combining campaign performance data from every important martech source. Data collected includes revenue, ad cost, sessions, transactions and goal conversions in a company’s campaign results. Data sources include Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Adwords, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, organic search and SEO, as well as email and social marketing. conDati aggregates and consolidates this information into a single data asset, without the use of IT department or consulting resources or expensive services projects.

Founded by a team of renowned data scientists and successful Silicon Valley executives, conDati has recently completed a $4.75 million Series A financing round. “Our mission is to take marketing departments from using spreadsheets to manage campaigns to using state-of-the-art data science and visualizations – overnight,” said conDati CEO Ken Gardner. “We provide ‘understanding at your fingertips’ to marketing decision makers at price points enterprises of all sizes can afford.”

Featuring Plug-and-Play Ease of Use and Quick Results
Within days, conDati can be up and running, saving marketers time and money while delivering complete visibility and predictive analytics with just a few clicks. conDati helps marketers pinpoint the highest- and worst-performing programs and campaigns. This enables the shifting of spend away from non-performers as needed – achieving greater return on digital marketing in a short period of time.

Powerful and Intuitive Capabilities, Driven by Data Science
conDati revolutionizes the marketing analytics space by alleviating the need for marketers to log into multiple different dashboards and systems that show only a fraction of available marketing performance data. “A large majority of marketing departments currently use manual data assembly and spreadsheet reporting to make marketing spend decisions. This has been widely called ‘spreadsheet hell.’ The large number of martech silos has made it very challenging to get a handle on campaign performance,” Gardner said.

Powerful Visual UI
Dashboard design and navigation have been stuck in place for the last decade. Navigation is complex and requires expert knowledge for success, with the result that most senior marketing leaders refuse to use dashboards. conDati’s UI is modeled after consumer user experiences from Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other consumer products. “We’re providing simple, easy, instant navigation in a visual UI. The experience is much like selecting a movie or TV show to watch. Touch a dashboard in the navigator UI, and it opens instantly. Touch it again to close and select another. Drilling is built into all of the natural places, enabling the discovery process. The objective is to enable the discovery process without distracting the user with complex navigation and overloaded dashboards,” Gardner explained.

“With conDati, the same ease of use and ease of understanding that consumers expect on their smartphones and tablets are being brought to the UI of an enterprise application,” Gardner said. Easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate visualizations display key analyses of marketing campaign performance, showing status of campaigns in current, correct and complete terms, with the same frequency as the data source reports – typically at least once a day, versus the hours and days currently required to collect, compile and report on marketing campaigns using manual techniques.

Modeling, Anomaly Detection and Predictive Analytics
With the ability to aggregate and integrate all campaign data in one place, conDati is also the first marketing application to deliver valid and rigorous predictive analytics about future campaign performance. It monitors all active campaigns for performance anomalies, both positive and negative, and triggers configurable alerts to marketing leaders as needed to investigate and take action. conDati also helps marketers calculate and demonstrate the value of marketing to the business overall and enables them to identify problems as they occur and to capitalize on opportunities as they happen.

“Marketing analytics based on incomplete and obsolete data are now a thing of the past,” commented John Zicker, Chief Data Scientist for conDati. “We’ve engineered a solution that reduces digital marketing costs while saving the elapsed time caused by both data latency and manual processes from the event to the insight. Marketing teams from here on out are going to be able to take control of their destiny, rather than wondering what worked and what didn’t.”

Scalable, Affordable Cloud Infrastructure and Customer Proof
conDati solutions leverage a world-class cloud infrastructure that delivers 24/7/365 reliability and scalability. In addition, the disruptive economics of cloud computing allow conDati to offer pricing that every digital marketer can afford.

conDati delivers on-demand, affordable and actionable data science to online businesses. Initial conDati Marketing Analytics platform customers include Discount Dance Supply and Pepperdine University, as well as other clients in e-commerce, media, higher education and business-to-business technology. Each has used conDati-powered insights to change their digital marketing campaigns and business strategies dramatically for optimum results.

According to John Miller, CTO of Discount Dance Supply, conDati enables the company to identify issues, fine-tune strategy, and then adjust online marketing spend for maximum value. “conDati has helped us identify the ‘80/20’ nature of our digital campaigns – including holiday promotions and flash sales – by showing us where digital marketing spend is most effective. With the insights from conDati, we have consolidated our strategy and spending into our most successful channels, and our results are showing the impact.”



About conDati

Privately held and based in Palo Alto, Calif., conDati is a provider of analytics for digital marketing that helps companies drive value from their cloud-based marketing applications and improve the ROI from digital marketing. The company’s cloud-based data science application delivers the next generation of marketing analytics, creating a single unified data asset from siloed martech systems. This provides marketing leaders with descriptive analytics to visualize real-time financial and goal performance for digital campaigns, as well as predictive analytics that deliver statistically meaningful forecasts of future campaign performance. Learn more at www.condati.com, or connect with conDati on Twitter via @condati_inc.

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