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conDati Offers Unique Approach to Turning Marketing Data Into Marketing Insights

By Condati on May 31, 2018
May 31, 2018  |  Palo Alto, CA

Momentum Includes $4.75 Million in Series A Financing and an Industry-First Service

conDati,  a startup provider of next-generation analytics for digital marketing, today announced key milestones as the company also announced its flagship service, conDati Marketing Analytics. In addition to the product launch, the company has achieved significant traction with customers, hired a noted data scientist, and recently completed a $4.75 million Series A financing round.

Seasoned Startup Pros and Rock Star Data Scientists
Software industry veteran Ken Gardner started conDati to apply next

-generation technology and data science to the Big Data problem in marketing caused by the proliferation of cloud-based martech. With a proven track record, including five prior startups with successful exits, Gardner is expert at creating new analytic products and bringing them to market. He was most recently founder and chairman of SOASTA, which was sold to Akamai (NYSE: AKAM) in April 2017.
conDati is the first platform to deliver a truly unified view of digital campaign performance. “We’re moving marketing out of manual data assembly and spreadsheet reporting into a new way to monitor, understand and manage digital marketing,” said Gardner, conDati CEO. “We’re delivering immediate visibility up and down the digital campaign hierarchy to help CMOs make decisions to improve business outcomes across paid search, email and social marketing.”

Among conDati’s other co-founders is Dan Bartow, serving as the company’s Vice President of Product Design and Engineering. Bartow is a multiple patent-holder in data science, analytics and UI. He served as SOASTA’s first Vice President of Products and Principal Product Designer until the company’s acquisition by Akamai.

The conDati executive team also now includes John Zicker, Chief Data Scientist, a world-class data scientist, five-time entrepreneur and three-time CEO. In the 1980s at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Zicker built a control program that focused the electron particle stream in real time. This project relied heavily on machine learning and anomaly detection. “John’s work at SLAC using Big Data science in real time set new standards for what was possible,” Gardner commented. “Thirty years later, improvements in the economics of computing make these approaches usable for every business data problem.”

Successful Series A Financing
Earlier this month conDati completed its Series A financing, bringing the total round to $4.75 million. conDati’s backers include Silicon Valley veterans experienced in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science investments. These investors have successfully launched IPOs and positioned portfolio companies for acquisition by both private and public corporations.

Marketing Analytics Built In and for the Cloud
Digital marketing has evolved into a sophisticated set of tools, applications, systems and platforms that make up the martech stack. The stack typically includes standalone cloud-based systems for marketing automation, CRM, paid advertising, and social media. Each of these tools maintains its own data silo, so revenue, cost and activity data is scattered across the marketing department.

The debut of conDati Marketing Analytics addresses this problem by collecting campaign data in real time from each silo and delivering it to marketing leaders via intuitive, easily-navigated visualizations that show the financial performance of online marketing campaigns, including revenue roll-up, other goal conversions, and costs from multiple sources.

Built on a world-class cloud infrastructure that delivers 24/7/365 reliability and scalability, conDati leverages the economics of the cloud to give even small and mid-sized companies access to world-class, on-demand, affordable and actionable data science.

conDati collects data from the most important digital marketing sources that contain revenue, spend and activity, including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, DoubleClick, and Facebook Ads, as well as marketing automation systems including Salesforce Pardot, Cordial and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to deliver complete visibility to revenue, costs and volume for digital campaigns. Once the data is combined, conDati’s machine learning algorithms build powerful predictive models that enable statistically valid forecasting and anomaly detection.

Driving Marketing ROI: Unified Data Achieves Rapid Customer Adoption
As the first cloud-based data science application to deliver the next generation of marketing analytics, conDati delivers a single unified data asset from siloed martech systems. conDati provides marketers with:

  • Descriptive analytics – showing real-time financial and goal performance of an organization’s digital marketing campaigns, with the ability to compare campaigns to one another, across time periods, as well as the ability to drill down from the campaign summary level to individual campaigns.
  • Predictive analytics – providing statistically-meaningful forecasts of future campaign performance, enabling anomaly detection and operational-level alerts. conDati also forecasts long-term revenue trends that give executives visibility into the need for potential strategic changes months in advance.

  • Prescriptive analytics – a future release of conDati Marketing Analytics will provide recommendations for campaign spend levels and mix. 


About conDati

Privately held and based in Palo Alto, Calif., conDati is a provider of analytics for digital marketing that helps companies drive value from their cloud-based marketing applications and improve the ROI from digital marketing. The company’s cloud-based data science application delivers the next generation of marketing analytics, creating a single unified data asset from siloed martech systems. This provides marketing leaders with descriptive analytics to visualize real-time financial and goal performance for digital campaigns, as well as predictive analytics that deliver statistically meaningful forecasts of future campaign performance. Learn more at www.condati.com, or connect with conDati on Twitter via @condati_inc.

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