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How AI-driven Analytics Can Improve your Marketing Campaign ROI

By Connie Quach on July 12, 2018


I was recently invited to speak and present at the New York Marketing Association(NYMA) about how AI-driven analytics can help marketers improve their campaigns (and revenue), showcasing real possibilities and relevant use cases to the nearly hundred attendees.  In other words, I explained in real terms how AI can work for them, now — without being a data scientist or “mathmagician”.

We All Know What AI is. Right?


Hollywood has certainly popularized the idea of Artificial Intelligence and although we are seeing technological advancements in various industries Westworld isn't here yet. Real "intelligence" is still a long way away. In the meantime Machine Learning Models offer marketers tools that can augment human capabilities by taking over the monitoring of complex, high volume marketing campaigns. Marketers will not be replaced by machine learning and data science; they will be supported with better information and oversight allowing marketing teams to focus on driving revenue.

For conDati RevenueLift™, we use leading-edge machine learning and AI to help marketing professionals turn their data streams into actionable insights. We are able to easily ingest and harmonize the data from our customers’ most important martech tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Shopify, SalesForce Pardot and Marketing Cloud, Facebook Ads, and Google AdWords. These insights not only save time but directly impact their revenue by alerting them to changes, highlighting seasonal trends, and helping them focus on impact analysis to positively affect their bottom line.

conDati Harnesses AI = Augmented (Human) Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence helps us humans with things like computation, memory, perseverance, precision and speed, which are all great things. But when you extend the definition to augmented intelligence, it then allows us to see how AI can help you do the things you as a marketer do best:  abstraction, breaking rules, judgment, nuance, listening and storytelling.

Augmented Intelligence: Human, Only Better and Faster

We know that modern marketing activities need to include lots of number crunching and data processing combined with the “human” side:  (knowing your market and customer, understanding the competition, reacting to goals and objectives). This is how marketers are going to be successful, making better and smarter decisions faster.


Focus on Profit: conDati, AI, and the 80/20 Rule

A study in Forbes notes that marketing professionals typically only see 3% of the data generated through their marketing campaigns. And from that, only 5% is ever acted upon. The challenge is obvious: no human can efficiently sift through the legions of data generated in modern analytics platforms, let alone blend the data and then act upon it.

That’s where conDati saw a gap and, using the power of machine learning tools combined with the efficiency of cloud computing, produced a solution that gives marketing professionals the ability to focus on that 20% of their efforts which will produce 80% of their revenue.

Marketing teams can now let conDati do the heavy lifting, rote tasks and do them fast — thousands of micro decisions made in the blink of an eye — allowing you and your team to see opportunities and capitalize on them or be alerted to upcoming negative trends and avert disaster by changing course.

As a marketer, you’re not only expected to launch creative campaigns, you’re expected to drive results. But you need actionable insights from data to accomplish this. And when you haven’t been trained as an analyst or data scientist, this can be a significant challenge. With solutions like conDati, marketers can be data-savvy in a few clicks.