March 23, 2020


When news of COVID-19 became real for me, when I started understanding the potential impact of the pandemic to what I’ve got rolling for conDati as an aggressive, growth-focused 2020 marketing plan, I instinctively thought of all of you, my CMO and marketing leadership colleagues. I was guessing that you may be reeling, too, and feeling the same pressures to lead well in this time of shifting priorities and strategies.

We are in this together

We are in this together, globally. From social distancing to full lock down in some places, the feeling of staying connected and belonging is increasingly important. You’re not alone. I felt inspired to do something about it, to find a way to help each other through the unprecedented weeks and months ahead.

A CMO lifeline

My colleagues and I at conDati are committing to hosting a weekly virtual forum for the marketing community. This is not a place for a sales pitch. Industry marketing leaders can grab a coffee, and join a 30-45 minute discussion called Digital Coffee Chat every Thursday at 11am PT/2pm ET, to swap ideas, struggles, challenges, plans, and what will undoubtedly emerge as marketing best practices in these uncharted waters.

Structurally, the time will be tightly guided but covering topics we all care about, so we can leave with actionable takeaways. I’ll reference and make available the newest marketing trends and recommendations from industry leaders like Gartner and Forrester and may invite industry experts to join the call. For example, here are some Gartner and Forrester projections:

  • Gartner: “The COVID-19 epidemic is likely to accelerate shifts that are already underway toward more digital distribution, at- home delivery and e-commerce versus physical retail.”
  • Forrester: “Coronavirus is a headwind for search advertising, but the outlook remains promising.”

Join us!

Our first Digital Coffee Chat is scheduled for Thursday 26, March. In addition to signing up for this weekly call, I’d like to hear what you think is most critical, topically, to address as a collaborative group? What are you struggling with right now?

Here’s to learning together and raise each other up for success in the weeks and months ahead!
Stay well and healthy.

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