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Steve has spent his career in business-to-business software at the executive level and as a consultant. conDati is the third start-up where he’s launched Marketing, following KACE Networks (acquired by Dell) and Accept Software (acquired by Artemis), and he has worked with Ken at all of Ken’s prior companies. Steve is excited about conDati’s ability to help marketing teams finally incorporate quantitative analytics into decision-making at the level that’s been needed all along.
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How Better Reporting Helps eCommerce Companies Grow


We have already talked about the complicated process most eCommerce companies go through when tracking their marketing data.

There’s the time spent extracting data from various sources, copy-pasting it into spreadsheets and, of course, trying to make sense of it all. It’s a very expensive, very complicated nightmare that most companies have to go through at least once a month. We can all agree that automated reporting saves you time - but how exactly does it lead to better performance?

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July 26, 2018