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Connie is an expert in SaaS product management and product marketing. In common with many members of the conDati team, Connie spent years at SOASTA working with Ken on some of the most interesting challenges in collecting, storing, and analyzing extremely large data sets. Connie brings that expertise to building out conDati’s portfolio of intelligent marketing analytics solutions.
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Top 5 “Must-Have” Categories for your MarTech Stack Tool Chest

In 2011, the inaugural MarTech Stack Landscape identified about 150 companies servicing marketers. Even then, one would have expected all those vendors to consolidate as the industry grew and matured. Instead, the martech landscape has fractured into 50 or more categories, populated by more than 5,000 vendors, fully half of which are brand-new venture-backed start-ups. Every marketer now needs to evaluate hundreds of tools, representing every new approach to customer acquisition, to find

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August 29, 2017

Popular college universities are jumping on the bandwagon, launching new majors in Data Science

Perusing my LinkedIn feed today, I noticed that articles about colleges now offering “Data Science” as a major and discipline are popping up. As a founder of conDati, Inc, a company that specializes in Data Science, Big Data, and Marketing Analytics, it’s wonderful for me to see that popular universities are helping the industry develop this new breed of talent, considering the skill gap that exists within Big Data and Data Science.

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July 31, 2017