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Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Maturity Through Trusted, Accurate, Holistic Reporting

By Kelly McKeown on July 18, 2019


As marketing leaders, you’re learning that today’s deluge of audience, campaign, and content data doesn’t have to be a barrier to producing predictable results and effective data-driven marketing strategies—strategies that meet or exceed business goals.

If you have some basics in place, including standardized campaign tracking and taxonomy—as well as a link or relationship between your martech stack data entities—you’re in good shape to unify your disparate data into a single data asset, unlocking the real power in your marketing data. It also puts you on an accelerated path to digital marketing maturity so you can realize more predictable ROI, increased pipeline and revenue, and improved customer experiences. The key is a blended data model—a model that makes applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) much easier, so you can develop insights, optimize campaigns, forecast future marketing campaign performance, and produce recommendations—backed by data science you trust.

But what marketing leaders are also learning, and sometimes the hard way, is that using AI and ML on disparate data can give you only partial marketing improvements that take you only so far. Digital marketing maturity is stalled, optimization can’t be applied in a holistic cross-channel manner, and optimal ROI is hard to realize.

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Unifying Your Marketing Data to Drive Business Growth is Possible. Let’s Unpack It.

The “holy grail” of leveraging your marketing data to drive business growth is not an unsurmountable, time-consuming, or even expensive prospect. Yes, there are platforms out there that can unify your data, but they may require you to provide your data in a specific format. These tools also may not include the ability to visualize all your data in a report or dashboard format. If they do, they probably don’t include all the powerful capabilities of AI and ML needed to confidently make decisions that meaningfully impact business outcomes.

We recognize that every marketing leader out there is driven to find working solutions to the challenge of unifying their data, showing ROI, and proving marketing’s impact on the business. That said, you may be resorting to one of these options:

The technology approach. Maybe you’ve purchased multiple tools to address data unification + visualization + AI/ML. The downside: This approach takes a lot of time to evaluate, acquire, set up and manage these tools—all creating a time-to-value that can be lengthy and making it a challenge to be agile if process changes are needed. This approach can also leave out needed human intervention and interpretation of results.

The people approach. You’ve built out an analytics and insights team with expertise in marketing and data science. The downside: This is costly. It also doesn’t allow for automation and instant access to data insights. The time-to-value may be lengthy and the ability to be agile with process changes is challenging. You’re relying on specialized expertise and, as we all know, recruiting and retaining analytics and data science talent has its drawbacks.

The technology + people approach. You could be relying on a combination of tools plus an analytics and insight team with expertise in marketing and data science. The downside: Again, this is a costly approach and, to repeat the above, time to value can be lengthy, reliance on recruited/retained talent is challenging, and the critical ability to be marketing-agile gets sacrificed.

The all-in-one platform approach. The good news is you don’t need to buy separate technologies for unification and business intelligence visualization, nor have a large staff of analysts and data scientists building models for you. The single-source solution is conDati’s marketing data science as a service platform. Here are the upsides to this solution:

  • We all know that data is never 100% perfect, even with the best data governance processes in place. conDati can identify and reconcile mis-tagged data, handling this messy and time-consuming task for you. Taxonomy, goals, and how data is sliced is also customized to your specific needs.
  • This all-in-one platform makes processes more streamlined, easier to manage, and gives your organization the needed agility to adapt to changing internal and external environments.
  • conDati is essentially a data science extension of your marketing team, partnering and co-innovating with you. We stay on top of the latest and greatest AI, ML and marketing analytics and optimization trends. You get a level of deep advanced marketing analytics expertise—that you don’t have to hire.
  • You’ll experience quick time-to-value. Our clients have seen the increased ROI from campaign optimizations cover the cost of conDati within a very short time frame.

Market-leading organizations are benefiting from the above advantages, operating at peak levels of digital marketing maturity. Try conDati on for size. Get insights and optimization recommendations from your combined Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook data within 7 days of providing conDati access, when you sign up for our free assessment.

If you like what you see, provide us with the rest of your marketing data and within a short period of time, you could take your digital marketing maturity from Level 1: BASE – Where is the data? to Level 4: ADVANCED – What will happen? or Level 5: EXPERT – How can we optimize for the best business outcome?

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